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Meet the Team!


Eliisa Herman

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Eliisa found her passion for entertaining very young. At age five, she fell in love with musical theater and has since participated in over 60 theatrical performances across the Upper Peninsula as an actress, choreographer, and director.

Eliisa is an NHS alumnus and the current NHS Varsity Cheerleading coach. She has been associated with many youth organizations such as the Marquette Arts and Culture Center, the Historic Vista Theater and Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp. Eliisa took a hiatus from NMU beginning in 2017 when she had her son but hopes to return to obtain a degree in Music Education.

After portraying the role of Cinderella in 2014, Eliisa began receiving inquiries to attend events as the character and decided to continue offering this service via "Bibbidi Bobbidi UP"! Eliisa (and the numerous characters that are available) offer entertaining services such as singing, tea parties, games, and more!

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Jane Doe

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James Doe

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